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La Union Escapade 2010 Day 2

Sunday, March 27, 2011

big waves early in the morning My wife and daughter early morning at the terrace of Tito Tom`s house

Saturday, October 30, 2010 - It was the second day of our couple's La Union adventure. Mr. Thomas Glenn and wife Julie is a very generous couple who invited me and my family to witness the La Union Surfing Break 5 held in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union which is just very near to Tito Tom's house.

While my wife and I is used to wake up seven o'clock in the morning in Metro Manila caused by our work schedule, in La Union, it was very very sweet to wake up so early, much earlier even before the sun rises behind the mountains. Our baby Pam who was then 7-month old woke up so early too. As originally planned, we trod the trail behind Tito Tom's house leading to the sea. The sound of the surf feels so good. The sea breeze is so fresh. Even at a young age, our baby already enjoyed herself observing the movements of the water. It was her second day of seeing the sea (the first ocassion is here) but it was just like another new experience for her.

On Waking Up in the Morning

baby Pam and Mama taking a walk along the beach baby Pam and Mama taking a walk along the beach

After we had our breakfast, everyone prepared to be going to the surfing event. Tito Tom's wife and daughters prepared the food that we can eat while watching the surfing event. Though the surfing event is just a walking distance away via the seashore, Tito Tom opted to transport us via his van and took the highway route instead. We also brought with us a few monobloc chairs that we could use in case we need those.

Scenes at the Surfing Break

The cottage that the Glenn couple got for us at the Surfing event. baby Pam and Mama during the second day of the Surfing Break 5

Tito Tom get for us a rented cottage so we could stay at the whole event so comfortably. Luckily for us, it was the same cottage that we had during our first day of the event.

Kuya Ave`s Place Learn to Surf Chews Ur Food Wicked tie dyed!!

Candid shot of me and Tito Tom, photographed by my wife. Tito Tom inspecting the surfing boards.

purses and straps wooden art

surf lesson and board rental surfboard on display

chill out station Red Cross Babes Coast Guard

Photography enthusiasts like me and Tito Tom couldn't just sit down under the shade that the cottage comfortably offers. So we decided to brave the scorching heat of the sun and dangled our cameras behind us.

beach crowd beach crowd

beach crowd beach crowd

There were varieties of interests that waited for the right opportunity to be photographed.

Beach Photogs

beach photog Just another Canon-wielding guy

beach photog babe photog babe photog

Beach Volleyball

beach volleyball

beach volleyball beach volleyball

beach volleyball beach volleyball

Action Shots!

I was able to use my 300mm telephoto lens to capture those action scenes from afar.

gigantic waves!!!

surfing... surfing...

surfing... surfing...

Beach Hunks

I've never been into surfing. I was wondering what would it be like to be playing with those giant waves!

beach hunk beach hunk

beach hunk beach hunk

Beach Babes

beach babe beach babe

beach babe beach babes

Just the same, beautiful women in swim wears abound to add heat to the already sizzling noontime of the surfing event.

CF card disaster

After lunch, as I resumed taking photos of those who were into surfing, my CF card suddenly malfunctioned. I didn't bring any spare as I was using a 4GB compact flash card. I stopped taking photos right there and just enjoy myself looking at the sceneries with my naked eyes. Later in the evening, Tito Tom would give me a 2GB micro SD card so I could switch storage media and use the same CF card the following day.

La Union Sunset

The adventure didn't end up there as soon as we left the surfing event to go home. While there were more numbers for the event in the night time, we decided to call it finished and just enjoy the sunset from Tito Tom's abode. Tito Tom's veranda offers a great vantage point with an unobstructed view of watching the sun to settle down into the darkness of which is the China Sea. It is one of the natural occurencies you'll only find amazing and ponder about when you're comfortably seated on a rocking chair at Tito Tom's veranda.

Mama and baby Pam with La Union Sunset Mama and baby Pam with La Union Sunset

La Union Sunset transition La Union Sunset transition

La Union Sunset transition La Union Sunset transition

La Union Sunset transition


Mama and Pam retired for the day

Mama and Pam retired for the day Mama and Pam retired for the day

We were totally exhausted for the day's event, nevertheless, we also enjoyed hotel-like accommodation.

Our Generous Hosts

Our generous hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Julie Glenn The generosity and hospitality of the Glenn couple accorded me and my wife a grand vacation not to mention our little daughter's big adventure...

Photos in this blog entry can also be accessed from this Facebook album: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=248733&id=619219369&l=3702739ad5
Our first day of this La Union adventure series can be read from this link: http://travelogue.digitalrebel.ws/2010/11/la-union-escapade-2010-day-1.html.

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  1. At 11:57 PM, April 08, 2011, Anonymous bw said…
    nice escapade and great pics ! Looks like you and the family had a great time :)

    fyi.. your comments section seem not to work. I had luckily found the pop up link on your blog.  
  2. At 11:30 PM, April 09, 2011, Anonymous dodong flores said…
    Testing comment form.  
  3. At 11:31 PM, April 09, 2011, Blogger dodong flores said…
    @ bw: Thanks for the visit and the comment. As for my comment form, it is unfortunately not working on some browsers. I don't know why :(  
  4. At 4:11 PM, April 10, 2011, Blogger watson said…
    Oh wow... I was also using blogrolling before but then, some time back, they started inserting ads when you click on your links. I decided then to migrate my links to Google's native links widget. I was lucky :-)

    Love your La Union photos. We had our beach outing there when we were in the Philippines last January. I love going to the beach in the Philippines. Malamig kasi tubig dito, kahit summer.  
  5. At 5:32 PM, April 25, 2011, Anonymous office space for rent philippines said…
    It's good that you were able to enjoy your summer there.  
  6. At 8:52 PM, April 29, 2011, Anonymous writing jobs said…
    it's so great!! great stuff  
  7. At 10:25 AM, May 18, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said…
    I thought I could see her beaver through her swimming suit.  
  8. At 6:44 PM, June 08, 2011, Anonymous Nonoy said…
    Very nice place and experience. I wish I can get to La Union one of these days. Thanks for sharing your adventure.  
  9. At 12:07 PM, June 13, 2011, Anonymous rental mobil elf said…
    Nice article, thanks for the information.  
  10. At 11:36 PM, October 17, 2011, Blogger tin-tin said…
    miss ko mag-surfing. hehe
    mukhang saya ng bakasyon nyo :)  
  11. At 11:36 AM, March 22, 2012, Anonymous Kimberley Accommodation said…
    Looks like you definitely scored a nice vacation there. You got accommodations with a great view, easy access to the beach, lots of amenities, and surfing. There's not much more any one could ask for.  
  12. At 8:36 PM, August 07, 2012, Anonymous Dhemz said…
    wow! how fun...made me miss the Philippines even more...great photos!

    Thanks for dropping by!  
  13. At 1:02 AM, August 08, 2012, Blogger dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said…
    Dhemz, it was fun really! Thank you very much...  
  14. At 1:15 AM, August 08, 2012, Blogger dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said…
    Kimberley Accommodation: It was indeed a nice vacation! Thank you for dropping by...  
  15. At 1:20 AM, August 08, 2012, Blogger dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said…
    Tin-tin, yes, super-saya ng bakasyon naming ito ;)  
  16. At 1:24 AM, August 08, 2012, Blogger dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said…
    Nonoy, you're welcome ;)  
  17. At 1:50 PM, May 28, 2013, Anonymous ayumi said…
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    Lee Shin
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    Nice! Actually I'm glad this is an option that we can implement. I've always wanted to have my comments stand out from others. Allows us to be much more creative.

  20. At 11:23 AM, March 10, 2014, Anonymous kei said…
    Keep up the good work and have a nice day!Thanks for this one.

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